'Baltic Trucks & Buses' offers the following services:

Wide Variety

of timber trucks and logging trailers in our transport park


of the required vehicles via publicly accessible and exclusive databases of our partners in European countries


of available vehicles

Sale and Purchase

of timber trucks and other commercial transport


of vehicles to Latvia from any world country. Ensuring meeting the requirements of technical checkup (if speciallly agreed on)


the purchase until obtaining of a credit in bank


If a customer is short of sufficient funds and is compelled therefore to draw upon a credit in bank on security of the vehicle to be bought, the bank will require to make evaluation of the vehicle, which is possible exclusively in respect of the vehicles located in Latvia. In that case our company can finance the purchase of the vehicle and deliver it to Latvia

Our prime advantage

is providing funds (up to 80 % from its value) to buy the vehicle chosen by You (until a respective credit has been received from bank). Thus our company enables You to buy exactly what You want.